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Character InformationUnicode RangeUnicode BinaryUCS-2 Binary
"U"LATIN CAPITAL LETTER UBasic Latin0x00550x5500
"̸"COMBINING LONG SOLIDUS OVERLAYCombining Diacritical Marks0x03380x3803
"̡"COMBINING PALATALIZED HOOK BELOWCombining Diacritical Marks0x03210x2103
"͉"COMBINING LEFT ANGLE BELOWCombining Diacritical Marks0x03490x4903
"̙"COMBINING RIGHT TACK BELOWCombining Diacritical Marks0x03190x1903
"M"LATIN CAPITAL LETTER MBasic Latin0x004D0x4D00
"̴"COMBINING TILDE OVERLAYCombining Diacritical Marks0x03340x3403
"̺"COMBINING INVERTED BRIDGE BELOWCombining Diacritical Marks0x033A0x3A03
"͈"COMBINING DOUBLE VERTICAL LINE BELOWCombining Diacritical Marks0x03480x4803